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Alex Anahata Doumbek
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Alex Spurkel - Biography

Electronica        Doumbek & World

Alex Spurkel is an accomplished drummer with over 15 years of experience in both Western and Non-Western traditions. His forté is world percussion--particularly the Middle-Eastern Doumbek--and his unique brand of electronic drumming suited for various genres of dance music. Alex routinely dazzles his audiences with his dynamic style, explosive flare, and razor sharp precision. Although he is well studied in several ethnic traditions, he is by no means a traditional player. Alex combines his Arabic as well as his African, Indian, and Western percussion skills with his talent for electronic drumming and programming. The result is a sound that is extremely contemporary and exciting for young Western audiences, while still maintaining the respect and appreciation more traditionally minded ethnic listeners. Alex is a truly unique, creative, and effective drummer and musician.

Cutting-Edge Electronica Beats

As an innovative and multifaceted player, Alex developed a very unique style of electronic drumming. He has toured and recorded extensively with Electric Skychurch, one of electronica's premier true live bands, and has gained a reputation around the country as one of the few drummers that can effectively play live Trance, Break Beats, and Drum 'n' Bass. Of course, he also blends his electronic grooves with his Arabic and Word percussion skills in a way that seamlessly fuses these two often-opposing worlds. Alex is featured with Electric Skychurch in the recent house/techno documentary Better Living Through Circuitry.

Recently, Alex has teamed up with former Red Elvises drummer Avi Sills and formed Naked Rhtyhm, his latest project that is currently producing a Middle-Eastern/World electronica album for Hollywood Music Center. See News section for details and the latest!

Middle-Eastern & World Drumming

Being an accomplished doumbek player Alex has also delved into the Mideast music and world fusion scene. Having apprenticed under master Arabic drummer Souhail Kaspar and studied with other world drum masters such as Francis Awe and Kobla Ladzekpo, he has the skills necessary to captivate and delight his audiences. He routinely plays Middle-Eastern concerts around Los Angeles and performs regularly with prominent bellydancer Anahata. He is also a core member of the Shaman's Dream World Groove Ensemble, and has recorded with a variety of artists in LA. Some of his Arabic percussion can be heard on the soundtrack for the animated feature, Sinbad: Beyond The Veil Of Mists.

Recently, Alex was chosen for the prestigious task of recording a sampling CD for Sonic Foundry's highly respected loop libraries. His drumming will soon be used and heard on possibly thousands of commercial tracks worldwide! (Click here for more info on this project.)

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