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Alex with his trusty doumbek!

Drum Classes & Lessons

Doumbek        Universal Drumming

Alex gives ongoing drum classes and private lessons to scores of students in the LA area. His friendly manner and ability to break things down and connect with people make him a sought after teacher. Alex can be contacted for private Doumbek lessons ($55/hr.), and there are currently two regular weekly group classes:

1. Universal Drumming

On Wednesday nights Alex teaches a class called Universal Drumming. Here students learn the general art of tribal hand drumming using any drum they like. The class borrows from African, Middle-Eastern, Latin, and other traditions and focuses on those aspects of drumming that are universal to all styles. This class is perfect for those who always wanted to drum but aren't as interested in delving deeply into any one tradition. Beginner and intermediate classes available.

For class details and locations please contact Alex or visit his official drum class website

2. Middle-Eastern Doumbek

If you would like more information about private doumbek lessons, please contact Alex or visit his official drum class website,

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