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Alex's Link Page

Below are links to various sites that I like, support, or am affiliated with. Feel free to browse these links to see what other treasures you may find!
Alex's World Electronica recording and performance project. Latest show dates and audio cilps.
Alex's other website that deals exclusively in the classes that he teaches.
Temple Dancer Anahata's website. Beautifully designed with Flash animation and stunning imagery. Alex frequently performs with Anahata--and is also married to her!
Web design company specializng in media rich and entertainment content. This site will soon be redesigned by Digital Maya!
Alex and wife Anahata have formed Tribal Temple to be the umbrella that houses all their classes and special events. Tribal Temple also sells it's own clothing line called Urban Gypsy!
Official site for the Zen Dancing events that Alex regularly plays incredible journey of music, dance, ecstatic movement, meditaion, and release.
Bang-a-Drum is an online store for high quality ethnic percussion including African, Middle-Eastern, and Indian drums...Highly recommended!! Site of Peyman Nasehpour, tonbak (persian drum) player from Iran and moderator of the Goblet Drum Yahoo! group. One of the most popular tonbak sites in the world with plenty of good and hard-to-find information on this amazing instrument!
Lessons For Drumset, Congas, Djembe, Bongo & Handpercussion.
A cool Web portal with ten types of search